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Hot Water Service & Repairs

Having hot water problems? Let us help.

With more than 20 years in the business of repairing hot water systems, we are proud of our reputation as Sydney and Wollongong’s leading hot water system specialists. If your system can be fixed, we will fix it. If it is beyond repair, we will suggest a replacement – but only if that is absolutely necessary. We have a great deal of experience working with many different types of hot water systems, including all the latest technologies whether electric, gas or solar.

If your system does need replacement, we will recommend one that will best suit your situation and budget. We are fully accredited, authorised service agents for many of the top hot water system brands and our experienced technicians will give you honest, straightforward advice that you can trust.

Don’t wait any longer! Call today to get expert advice on your hot water system.

We specialise in:

Electric Storage Tanks

Electric Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage Tanks

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Continuous Flow Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Any of these questions apply to you?

Don’t know when to service your hot water system?
Are you running out of hot water?
Is your hot water system leaking?
Are you getting rusty, brown water coming through your taps?
Don’t currently have a working hot water system?

Call the hot water system specialists to help answer your questions!

If you are having problems with your hot water system, don’t waste time and money calling different plumbers or electricians. We specialise in hot water systems 24/7, which means we have all the required experience and expertise necessary to provide you with a thoroughly professional service.

Our service and repair technicians travel with an extensive range of spare parts, enabling them to repair many different types of hot water systems. This saves time and money as we’re prepared and don’t have to go searching for the correct parts.

Our fully licensed technicians service most brands of hot water systems. We also keep a range of water heaters in stock, meaning we are able to replace yours quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Same Day Service

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Why Choose Us

Hot Water Maintenance are your local hot water specialists.

We are the industry leaders in the supply, installation and repair of hot water systems throughout Sydney and Wollongong. Our qualified team are proficient in all facets of hot water systems and will provide knowledgeable advice on whether your current hot water system needs repair or replacement.


We offer competitive pricing and cater to a variety of customer types, including large-scale commercial clients, developers, property managers and individual homeowners.


With offices in Sydney and Wollongong, we are centrally located to provide fast, reliable and professional service.

Hot Water Maintenance

No matter what type of water heater you have or need,
Electric, Gas, Solar, We guarantee you the best job at the best price.

Our Selection of Specialty Systems

Call us on 1800 496 496 to speak to our friendly staff, for advice on which hot water system best suits your family and home. We'll send one of our qualified technicians to have you back in Hot Water as soon as possible.

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