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Residential Hot Water Heating Systems

We believe your tenants deserve reliable hot water. As a property manager or a strata manager, we know you’ll feel the same. HWM provides a range of residential hot water systems. Offering a full installation and maintenance service, we’re on hand whenever you need us.

Here at HWM, we pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our real estate agents. With our residential hot water heating systems in place, you can then pass the savings onto the owners. Plus, having a reliable hot water provider works in everyone’s favour. We care about our customer satisfaction, and that extends to both you and your tenants. Here is an overview of our residential hot water heating services.

Residential Hot Water Heating Systems: Installation

If your property is a new build, it may not yet have a water heating system.

Alternatively, if it’s an older property, the system could be out of date or unreliable. Here at HWM, we’re experts in the installation of hot water heating systems.

We can offer a large choice of hot water systems, as well as varying tank capacities. All of which offers plenty of flexibility for property and strata managers alike. Whether your concern is budget or water capacity, we have a hot water heating system to suit you. We’ll take care of the installation for you, and do so very efficiently. This will leave you free to concentrate on what you do best – managing your tenants!

Water Usage

Properties vary in terms of size and occupancy. It’s imperative to make sure you select the right water tank to suit the building’s usage requirements.

That’s why it pays to choose a trusted, quality installer of residential hot water heating systems. If your building has a large number of occupants, we suggest a continuous flow system. This will ensure the hot water remains uninterrupted.

Managing Energy Costs

As a property manager or strata manager, energy costs are an important factor. Residential hot water heating systems will cost money to run, install and maintain. However, they are very flexible in terms of type and energy source. There are lots of ways to manage the overall energy costs. For example, switching to a solar system or using a smaller tank.

We would be more than happy to advise you on selecting the right energy efficient system.

Hot Water Heating System Types

HWM provides the installation and maintenance of our commercial hot water systems. Here is an overview of the 3 main hot water heating system types we provide.


No gas installed on the property? An electric hot water system is the solution. Easy to install, it also offers great value for money. Your tenants can choose off-peak options to reduce their energy bills too


Gas is the most popular type of hot water system in Australia. If your property already has a gas supply, this is perfect! We can connect a range of tank sizes depending on the building usage. This includes our popular continuous flow gas hot water tanks.


While solar hot water systems are the most expensive, they are the most energy efficient. If you are looking to incorporate solar power into your development, we’re here to help.

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Ensuring Safety

An important aspect of residential hot water systems is ensuring your tenant’s safety. HWM takes the safety of all our customers extremely seriously.

As a property or strata manager, we know how important this is for you too. Whether we are installing or maintaining an existing hot water system, you’ll have over 20 years of experience on your side. Giving you and your tenants peace of mind, we’ll be on hand should you need us. We will ensure your hot water system is left safe and ready to use.

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Hot Water Maintenance are your local hot water specialists.

We are the industry leaders in the supply, installation and repair of hot water systems throughout Sydney and Wollongong. Our qualified team are proficient in all facets of hot water systems and will provide knowledgeable advice on whether your current hot water system needs repair or replacement.


We offer competitive pricing and cater to a variety of customer types, including large-scale commercial clients, developers, property managers and individual homeowners.


With offices in Sydney and Wollongong, we are centrally located to provide fast, reliable and professional service.

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