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Electric Storage Hot Water Systems Installation

Need hot water but don’t have gas installed on the property?

Need hot water but don’t have gas installed on the property? An electric storage hot water system could provide the solution you are looking for. We can supply you with any major brand of tank that suits your needs. With reduced running costs thanks to the money saving tariffs available, it offers a budget friendly solution too. If you have a large family or own a sizable property, an electric hot water system is ideal.

Don’t settle for expensive tanks or cold water because there’s no gas connection. Our electric hot water systems are easy to install and offer flexible tank capacity.
We provide installation and maintenance of electric hot water systems across Sydney & Wollongong.

The pros of Electric Storage Hot Water Systems:

Suitable for those with no gas on site

Cheaper than solar

Off-peak tariff

Cheap to repair

Best selling systems available

Top Quality Electric Hot Water Systems


Rheem has been producing hot water tanks since the 1930s. As Australia’s best selling brand of water heaters, they have been a firm fixture with homeowners here for generations. With efficient designs that are made from long-lasting materials, Rheem systems offer superior quality. Their range of hot water solutions are unmatched in Australia, making them a popular choice for homes and businesses alike.


Dux has been an icon on the Australian hot water scene since 1915. Over the years, their hot water systems have been the subject of continuous research and development. The brand is committed to manufacturing high quality products. All while being economically friendly, and offering longevity for many years to come. Dux water heaters are produced in a state-of-the-art facility in the Southern Highlands.

AquaMAX Hot Water Systems:

AquaMAX cites teamwork, innovation and expertise as their main ethos. They are stainless steel cylinder experts in the hot water industry, with countless awards to their name. AquaMAX hot water systems are energy efficient, helping to reduce energy consumption and lower bills. Their Victoria based manufacturing plant has produced over half a million water heaters, making AquaMAX a respected brand.


Vulcan hot water systems provide high quality and top performance at a very affordable price. Made using superior materials, they make for an extremely reliable system. The Vulcan storage cylinder is able to withstand varying water and heating cycle pressures. Their models are easy to install, with spare parts readily available across the country. All models carry either a 7 or 10 year warranty for your peace of mind.


Rinnai manufactures an extensive range of electric hot water systems. They offer freestanding impressor products, hot water systems, gas dryers, portable heaters, flame fires, and outdoor heating products. Catering for the entire scope of the Australian market, they are a true household name. Rinnai pride themselves on innovation, versatility and guaranteed reliability. From our super compact 25 litre unit, through to our super-sized 400 litre storage cylinder – there’s a Rinnai tank to suit everyone.

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