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Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Gas Storage Hot Water System Installation & Maintenance

Already have gas on site? If so, then your property could be the ideal candidate for a gas storage hot water system. Approximately half of all Australian homeowners use a gas storage hot water system…

Are you ready to join them?

The average home or business uses hot water countless times a day. From washing the dishes to your hands, hot water is essential in day to day activities. Gas storage hot water systems is the ultimate backup to continuous hot water on demand. The tank will require less gas to run than continuous flow hot water systems and can be customised to fit your home or business. All while boasting a fast heat recovery time. With a cheaper running cost, it could save you money too. We supply and install all major brands including Rheem, Dux, Aquamax, Vulcan, etc.

Call Hot Water Maintenance if…

You need to replace your old system with a new gas hot water system

Your water is brown or rusty

Your electric hot water system is +10 years old

You require any help regarding gas hot water systems

If in doubt, we advise you to replace your old system before it leaks. Or worse still, before it breaks down and you are left without any hot water!

How It Works

  • Gas storage hot water systems are comprised of a stainless steel tank where the water is stored. They are fueled by a gas burner that is located underneath the water tank.
  • The heat from the gas warms the water, and most units have an adjustable thermostat. This will ensure the water is kept at the optimum temperature.
  • If the water temperature falls below the level set on the thermostat, then the pilot flame will ignite to automatically bring the water up to temperature.
  • Tank sizes vary from 90 litres to 300 litres. This makes it a very flexible system, suiting a variety of property types and usage requirements.
  • Gas hot water systems require either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas to work. We will be more than happy to advise on what would best suit your property.

Gas Hot Water System Maintenance

As well as installing gas hot water systems, we can also diagnose and repair your system too. If your system can be repaired, we will happily do so. Otherwise we will suggest a replacement to ensure you have running hot water ready to flow. We also offer a same day emergency call out service.  Call us on 1800 496 496.

Get a gas storage hot water system to keep your hot water running!

We supply and install a wide range of gas hot water tanks
Gas hot water storage systems have a faster heat recovery time
Our gas hot water systems are both innovative and highly efficient
Requires less gas to run then continuous flow hot water systems

Emergency Same Day Service

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