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How long should my hot water system last?

A hot water system represents a significant investment and it’s important you make sure you are getting the most value from your money. That begs the question: how long should a hot water system last?

The average lifespan does depend slightly on your type of hot water system. With proper care, a continuous flow gas-powered hot water system can last 15 to 20 while an electric system’s lifespan is around 8 to 12 years.

How can I make my hot water system last longer?
Once you install your hot water system, you should make sure that you get it checked regularly. Often, if an expert technician looks over your hot water heater, they may be able to detect an issue before it causes your system to fail completely.

When should I replace my hot water system?
If your hot water system is ageing and keeps breaking down frequently, the best option could be best to get it replaced rather than invest more into repairs.  Some common issues with ageing hot water systems include lack of hot water, water too hot or too cold, rusty or discoloured water, or leaks around the fittings or tank.

The Hot Water Maintenance team can provide advice on your current system and whether it is time to replace your system or repair it. Our experts will have you back in hot water quickly. Contact our team today for all your hot water needs in Wollongong and Sydney.

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